Eagle Forms


· Finish Physical Work on Project

· Finish any Merit badges

· Update Project Paperwork (Final Report Section 4)

Fill in actuals for


Costs. (And what happened to excess money if any)

Add After Pictures

Write section on changes (has to be some)

Get Signatures from SM and Project Sponsor. Use later of these dates as the project completion date on the application and in Troopmaster/Scoutbook

· Life Purpose and Ambition Statement

This is a full page to two page essay about you. It needs to cover outside troop leadership (sports, supervisor in job, camp staff, and OA leadership, etc.).

It needs to look forward and say things like:

How scouting has prepared you for adulthood

How your learned leadership skills will be used in 10, 15, 20 years’ time

Any Real Short term Plans (i.e. College, Military).

· Advancement Records

Make sure Merit badges are updated on Troopmaster/Scoutbook and on Scoutnet. Do NOT rely on the automatic sync between Scoutbook and Scoutnet – found to not be always reliable.

Get the Member summary report from Internet Advancement (Scoutnet) and compare dates to Troopmaster/Scoutbook.

Get a copy of your Individual Progress Report from Troopmaster/Scoutbook.

Make sure your Merit Badge sash is up to date. Do not wait for next Court of honor for last few MBs.

· Eagle Application

This is a very detailed 2 pages of info and dates.

Download the editable PDF form from


Alternatively, this can be “printed to PDF” partially filled out from Scoutbook, if the troop is using it.

This must be perfect, and takes time to get it so.

Dates must match ScoutNet/Troopmaster/Scoutbook.

You need to include 6 references; the first is your parents, then 5 more. You need to get phone numbers, emails and addresses. For teachers, try to get home addresses and emails. (They may not get info at school when school is out). The reference that can be left blank is employer, if you don’t have a job.

Leadership Position dates must start after your Life BoR dates. Treat it like that is when you started.

· Scoutmaster Conference

Arrange to have conference with SM, and have Project book and application ready to be signed.

Have Life Purpose and Ambition ready to discuss.

Get Scoutmaster to sign you application, you also need to sign.

Plan to get Committee Chair signature on your way home from this.

· Board of Review Requests

Get form from https://is.gd/7ACS71

Download the above form, this serves as both a request and checklist to request a board, done through email.

It also lists what should be presented to your eagle board, and it suggest you put them in notebook,

On its second page, there is a list of common mistakes. Make sure you don’t make them.

When the Board is scheduled, the Eagle Scout Candidate needs to arrange with the Scoutmaster for someone to introduce him to the Board (SM, ASM, OLD SM, Eagle Advisor, etc.). The candidate is responsible for bringing the 3 copies of his eagle package to the Board 15 minutes BEFORE the Board start time (7:15 or 8:15)